Jeff the killerEdit

                   Name:Jeffery Woods                                       


                   Hobby:Killing,Cooking,Keeping Masky away from his knife

                   Job:Dealing with humans

                   Story: Jeff the killer was a kid who got bullied by three kids. These kids then bullied his brother, so Jeff bashed them. After he was burned horribly, he cut his eyelids off and carved a permanent smile into his face. After this, he became
crazy and a total killer. He killed his family and Liu. He almost killed jane then he cut his face that night.  the next say jane was bold, Jeff sent her a package
they were both at the hosptial the package was, Shoes,Wig,Short Dress, it was all black, That is how he became, Jeff The killer'

                   Enemies:Laughing jack,The Rake,Jane the killer, The Slenderman
                   Lover: Blood and Death

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